Little Bridge Marina

Little Bridge Marina BBQ and Food & Spirits Boat Launch Ramps, Covered Patio, and Live Entertainment Specialty Foods and Wines/Beer DescriptionContactLocation Little Bridge Marina is located on Neely Henry Lake and the Coosa River, which is a popular lake for local and regional fishing tournaments and pleasure boating. Little Bridge Marina offers two dining options: [...]

Alabama Bass Trail

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Coosa River & Neely Henry Lake

Coosa River & Neely Henry Lake Category: Fishing and Fun & Leisure DescriptionContactLocation The Coosa River and H. Neely Henry Lake are home to some of the best fishing in the South with beautiful mountain views. Spotted bass, crappie, largemouth bass, striped bass, and catfish make Gadsden fisheries a year-round playground for fisherman. Creeks along [...]

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